You May Need Dental Oral Surgery in Lumberton, TX

The need for dental oral surgery is more common than you may think and those who undergo such procedures do so for a wide range of reasons including everything from a bad wisdom tooth to a sudden injury. Once you suspect for any reason that you may need such a procedure done on your mouth, the first step is to approach a reliable and reputable dental expert for a full examination of your mouth, gums, and jaw. If this highly-trained expert agrees with your prediction, you may find yourself receiving the corrective surgery as soon as the next day, depending on the urgency of the problem requiring surgical work.

Dental Implants

Once you lose one or more teeth, your ability to speak and eat may be negatively affected and dental oral surgery is the solution in many cases. Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss because a screw is firmly placed into your jaw bone and then a porcelain cap is anchored to the top to replace the missing tooth forever. These look, function, and last just the same as your original tooth and are impossible to distinguish from their natural neighbors inside the mouth, making it imperative that you visit to learn more about your options.

Tooth Extractions

In some cases, especially in regards to your wisdom teeth, it is necessary to undergo dental oral surgery in Lumberton, TX to remove teeth that refuse to grow in correctly or threaten the alignment of your other teeth. It may simply be that your mouth is not large enough to take on your wisdom teeth, your final set of molars, without the front teeth becoming crowded and crooked over time. A professional will carefully inspect your mouth and then determine whether you need surgery to remove the teeth before they cause trouble.


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