Who Can Benefit from the Placement of Dental Crowns?

Just about everyone experiences some form of dental decay, acute fractures, or tooth discoloration over the course of a lifetime. Often, minor issues such as smaller cavities can be fixed with simple fillings, and some discoloration can be solved by bleaching. However, more extensive damage often requires the use of Dental Crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is one of the cornerstones of restorative dentistry. It allows patients who might otherwise need to have their teeth removed entirely to keep their natural teeth or improve the appearance of discolored or damaged teeth. Nearly every dental patient is likely to receive a crown at some point in his or her life.

Treat Tooth Decay

When a cavity gets so large it can no longer be fixed using traditional fillings, patients can often have this decay removed and Dental Crowns placed over the remaining tooth. Not only can this save the patient’s natural tooth, it can also help to prevent further decay.

Treat Acute Damage

Teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or fractured are exceptionally vulnerable to decay. For this reason, most dentists recommend placing a crown over a damaged tooth before new cavities start to form. It serves a dual purpose of protecting the tooth and improving its appearance.

Cover Root Canals

Patients who suffer from teeth with infected roots generally need to have root canals. This procedure involves removing the pulp from the inside of the tooth and placing a dental crown over the portion of the tooth that remains to prevent further decay and damage. Crowns are designed to look and function like normal teeth and to provide long-term solutions that allow patients to keep their natural teeth instead of having them removed.

Fix Serious Discoloration

Teeth that are severely discolored may not respond to dental whitening as well as patients would like. One solution is to try dental veneers. When dental veneers are not practical, though, the placement of a dental crown may be a better solution.

Learn More Today

Patients who think they may require restorative dentistry procedures can contact Robert S. Ogden DDS PA to schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation. This will help the patient’s new dental professionals decide on the best course of action.


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