Advantages of Seeing a Dentist in Bradenton, FL for Treatments to Correct Smile Issues

One of the most important features to a person’s face is their smile. A warm and confident smile can be invaluable in many situations ranging from personal encounters to business settings. Because of its importance, a person who is unhappy with the way their smile looks should consider visiting a dentist in Bradenton, FL to find out what type of treatments might help them with their dental issues.

Very often, a person who is unhappy with the look of their smile may feel this way because of issues due to staining or discoloration. Many times, a dentist in Bradenton, FL may be able to fix this type of issue by applying Professional Teeth Whitening products to the teeth. These types of treatments are generally not too involved and often the patient will begin to see improvements after the first treatment. However, if the stains or discoloration is severe, whitening treatments may not offer the type of results a patient may need.

In this type of situation, a dentist in Bradenton, FL may recommend the patient consider replacing the unsightly teeth or covering them up. The decision between these two types of treatments will often be based on the actual condition of the problem teeth. If the teeth are unhealthy or badly misshaped, the dentist may need to replace the tooth with a crown. If the teeth are healthy then dental veneers may be the better choice.

Dental veneers provide a way for teeth to be covered with translucent porcelain shells designed to fit the patient’s teeth and cover up the problem areas. With this type of treatment, the patient’s teeth remain intact and other than having a bit of enamel removed from them, their structure is not changed. This can be a good option for many patients.

With dental veneers, the dentist will first remove a portion of the enamel from the patient’s teeth so the veneer fits on the tooth smoothly. An impression will then be made of the patient’s teeth. Generally, a lab will then create the veneers in a shade of porcelain selected to match the patient’s existing teeth. Once this is completed, the patient will return to the office and the dentist will fit and permanently affix the veneers on the teeth. With this type of treatment, the patient will have good-looking teeth, which have a natural feel and appearance to them.


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