All about Bad Breath Therapy

Over a period of time, bad breath therapy has become an important issue. The main scientific cause of bad breath is anaerobic bacteria living on and under the surface of the tongue as well as throat. These bacteria can enter the proteins in the food, oral tissues and mucus and produce volatile sulfur components, which generates bad smell.

The first step in bad breath therapy is to use oxygenating oral products like tooth paste. This kills the anaerobic bacteria. Toothpaste with anti bacterial properties like cetylpyridium chloride or chlorine dioxide fights oral malodor. Tooth paste with odor neutralizing chemicals is prescribed in bad breath therapy.

Vitamin C Deficiency also tends to develop bad breath. Supplements of Vitamin C deficiency has been recommended in such therapies.

Most simple and best remedy used in bad breath therapy is drinking plenty of water. Drinking at least eight glass of water helps in basic metabolic function and keeps the mouth moist. This is one of the cheapest and effective remedy in bad breath therapy.

Eating Carrots, Cereals and other green vegetables rich in Vitamin C are useful options for controlling bad breath.

Dry mouth is also a cause of bad breath. Chewing Gums and Lozenges will help in increasing the saliva flow, thereby preventing bad breath. This saliva acts as a mouthwash and removes particle of food that has antibiotic element, which kills bacteria. By encouraging saliva flow you can erase the factors that cause bad breath. Chewing Gums minimizes acidity in the mouth. Care should be taken that these chewing gums are sugarless. Sugar can add acidity to the mouth, thereby giving a chance for bacteria to grow.

In all bad breath therapy can be of great help for those suffering from this problem.

Bad Breath Therapy

Bad Breath Therapy


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