When to Consider Veneers

Veneers can be a good way to improve your smile, as they look natural and can change the shape of the teeth to be more attractive. The porcelain they’re made of resists stains and can be used in a shade that makes the teeth look whiter. However, Veneers in Cary Il aren’t suitable for everyone.

Problems Veneers Can Fix

When a patient has gaps between the teeth, teeth that aren’t regularly shaped or those that are worn or broken, veneers can sometimes fix the problem. The same is the case when teeth are a bit discolored. Sometimes veneers can help treat minor misalignment issues as well. This procedure is best used when the problems are relatively minor.

Potential Disadvantages

People who grind their teeth can’t get veneers, as they would be damaged by the teeth grinding or clenching so they wouldn’t last the typical 7 to 10 years. It also isn’t a good idea to get Veneers in Cary Il if you have teeth that are weak, lacking sufficient enamel or have cavities or gum disease. Any preexisting dental issues need to be fixed before getting veneers. Once you get veneers, you’ll need to keep getting them if they wear out, as the process isn’t reversible. Chewing on hard objects can cause the veneers to crack or fall off, and the veneers won’t prevent cavities.

Cost Considerations

The exact cost of getting veneers varies based on where in the country you live, the type of veneers and how many teeth need veneers to get the smile you want. More experienced cosmetic dentists may charge more than dentists that don’t do the procedure as often, and the higher price may be worth it as the added experience may improve the final results. Veneers typically cost between $1,000 and $2,000 per tooth and aren’t usually covered by insurance since it’s usually a cosmetic procedure. It tends to be more expensive to get veneers than to get dental bonding, but less expensive than getting crowns.

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