Truth About Invisalign Magic!

Traditional braces have gone a long way. For the past 25 years, the shape, design, color and size of these dental products have changed considerable. Looking back in the mid 80’s, braces were made of rigid metallic wires affixed on every tooth and tightened every now and then to straighten the teeth. Back then, people who wore braces were called “metal mouth” thus it’s not unusual for people to repulse its use. Fortunately, braces nowadays are more esthetic, smaller and efficient. Even more promising is Invisalign in Forth Worth.

Since the introduction of Invisalign in the orthodontic market, a lot of myths and misconceptions have been brought up. But what really is Invisalign? What magic does it bring?

Invisalign was first introduced in the market in 1998 by Align Technology. These are clear removable tooth-moving tools that were once used as “retainers” to hold the teeth in their new position after using “braces.”

Invisalign in Forth Worth uses specialized technology that allows the dentist to move crooked and misaligned teeth in carefully studied stages. Every aligner is custom made to fit the patient’s dental structure with each stage having a new set of aligners. Normally, aligners are to be worn for at least 22 hours each day removing them only during eating and tooth brushing. As the teeth gradually move and achieve their planned positions (usually after 2 weeks), the orthodontist makes a new set of aligners. It may not seem obvious at first but those clear plastic aligners can actually move the teeth little by little.

The use of Invisalign in Forth Worth was once limited to the alignment of simple dental cases. But as the technology became even more specific and thorough, the ability of these aligners to align complicated teeth conditions has dramatically improved. Currently, Invisalign has done magic on the lives of millions of patients who suffer from mild to moderate teeth issues.

Contrary to what many people think, Invisalign Forth Worth is just as effective as traditional braces. In fact, the theory behind Invisalign is similar with metallic braces. Plastic aligners once worn exert physical force on the teeth to cause them to move to their desired placement. Take note that your dream smile does not come instantly, it requires proper diagnosis, treatment plan and compliance with the plan – only then can Invisalign work its magic.

The secret behind the success of both Invisalign and braces is commitment. Patients who are committed 100 percent with the use of their aligners typically finish treatment within given period of time. Contrastingly, patients who are uncooperative such those not wearing their aligners can expect a longer treatment time with less impressive results.

Some people think that Invisalign in Forth Worth cost more than traditional braces. But in reality, the fees of these two teeth alignment procedures are almost identical. Although it is true that Invisalign used to be costlier in the past, its price has dramatically decreased over time.

The bottom line: Invisalign has revolutionized the not just the world of orthodontics but the entire world by allowing people to have the perfect smile.


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