Dentists in Canyon Texas Offer Advice on Teeth Whitening

Those that are noticing that their smile might not be as bright as it was at one time may be considering whitening their teeth. While it may be tempting to try a do it your self-solution from the pharmacy, Dentists in Canyon Texas advise that these often deliver less than optimal results. Those that are looking for a more reliable solution are better off visiting a professional for teeth whitening.

Better Brightening

Solutions like whitening strips that can be purchased over the counter and special kinds of toothpaste can gradually wear away any discoloration, but the results are hardly noticeable compared to professional treatments. There are some methods available to address intrinsic staining, or discoloration inside the tooth, something that over the counter products can’t do.

When opting for bleaching with Dentists in Canyon Texas, the patient’s smile will be treated to a unique peroxide-based formula that delivers a more impressive enhancement. Many who opt for dentist provided treatments normally experience whitening that is three to seven shades brighter.

Faster and Longer Lasting Results

The at-home products must be used for weeks and applied a few times a day. Rather than go through all of that for lackluster results, go ahead and speed up the process by visiting a dentist for a professional treatment. Peroxide-based treatments can take place during an office visit. While they result are not permanent, they are longer lasting than DIY methods. Those that have excellent oral hygiene and avoid drinks that stain can enjoy the effects for up to a year.

Sensitive Teeth

During a visit, the dental team will work to limit the exposure to whitening formulas to prevent unnecessary sensitivity in the teeth and gums. Sometimes, professional whitening can cause some minor sensitivity that will gradually go away after a few days. The at-home solutions expose the teeth to chemical compounds daily and can increase sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures as well as to sweets.

Those looking for effecting teeth whitening can turn to Panhandle Dental. They will be able to introduce patients to some of the best professional treatments available. For more information about the services offered or to schedule an appointment Visit the website .


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