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by | Apr 4, 2019 | Teeth Whitening

Regular visits to a local Family Dentistry in Sutherlin Oregon
are more important than corresponding dental cleanings. There are many other reasons to visit the dentist twice a year, without a doubt, it is the best preventive measure to take care of a person’s smile and overall health. Here are some other reasons to visit the dentist regularly.

Dental education is vital because these visits are a good opportunity for the dental hygienist to show each patient the areas of the mouth where they need to improve his or oral hygiene. There are aesthetic reasons as well. Prophylaxis is carried out during these visits and helps remove surface stains from teeth. During the visit, the dentist checks the patient’s mouth to ensure he or she does not suffer from any health problems, such as oral cancer. In addition, studies show that oral problems can affect overall health and some general diseases show their first symptoms in the mouth. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, eating disorders and AIDS are some of them. As with any treatment, there are three things you should know before going to visit the dentist:

* The cleaning may involve minimal tooth sensitivity. To remove plaque and tartar, sensitive elements of the teeth are exposed, causing sensitivity for a few days.

* If a patient suffers from heart problems, the dentist can suggest the patient take antibiotics before their dental cleaning. Talk to the dentist about your medical history, allergies, and any medications regularly taken.

* Regular visits to the dentist are not expensive. Even if it may seem so, dental cleanings are probably one of the best investments a person can make.

Dental health of children is also crucial. Children are very vulnerable to dental problems and have special dental health needs. Fluoride or dental sealants can be applied during these visits to strengthen teeth and help prevent tooth decay. Each Family Dentistry in Sutherlin Oregon recommends that children come to the dentist when they turn one year old. There is no ‘but’ about it: if a person has teeth, they need to receive dental care. Most patients should do it every 6 months, although the frequency depends on his or her health. Contact Harvard Dental Group for more details.

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