Four Procedures Performed by the Best Oral Surgeon

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Dental Services

For common dental practices, such as a routine teeth cleaning, a regular dentist is the one to see. When other issues arise, however, a dentist skilled in surgery techniques may be more qualified. The Best Oral Surgeon can be found at a dental facility like Westfield Oral Surgery There are four main procedures this surgeon performs.

Orthognathic Surgery

Many people do not have a jaw and teeth that align correctly. In these cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the problem and get the entire mouth in alignment. Perhaps an injury occurred that caused the jaw to become misaligned. There may have been a birth defect. Either way, surgery will realign the jaw and improve with chewing, speech, and even breathing if that has been a difficulty for some patients.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removing wisdom teeth may seem like a typical procedure, but it does require skill and a steady hand to do. That is why a surgeon is the best person for the job. He or she will carefully remove the tooth to ensure the mouth is as healthy and pain-free as possible.

Facial Trauma

A number of traumas can happen to the face. Whether someone was in an accident, and their face was harmed, they fractured their jaw during a sports-related injury, or any other type of facial lacerations occurred, this trauma will require surgery to repair. The surgeon will assess each case individually and determine the best course of action for realigning the facial components and eliminating the effects of the trauma.

Oral Pathology

Oral pathology most commonly refers to oral cancer. When the mouth’s appearance has changed in any way, it could be an indication of cancer was developing. Patches, lumps, discolorations, and even difficulty chewing or swallowing can all be signs of cancer of the mouth. When any of these symptoms arise, patients should seek the expertise of an oral surgeon in Cranford NJ as soon as possible.

The Best Oral Surgeon is not only capable of handling basic matters, but they are trained to handle the worst type of traumas and diseases that can plague a mouth. From facial trauma that needs reconstruction, to surgery to correct a jaw/teeth alignment, oral surgeons from Business Name will work hard to correct the issue and give hope to their patients for a beautiful smile.

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