How to Handle Wisdom Tooth Pain

The key to wisdom tooth pain treatment in Troy NY lies in the hands of a skilled dentist . With the right plan of action you’ll feel carefree again in no time. Wisdom teeth are often a source of immense discomfort for many. Third molars usually develop at the end of, or shortly after adolescence. The irritation experienced can be cause by a variety of reasons. Cavities, improper alignment, and infection are the most common sources of tooth pain.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Named for the “wisdom” that comes with age as they erupt, wisdom teeth grow near the ends of each quadrant of the mouth. These locations make them especially hard to clean and lead to infections, or decay. Preventive measures can also be considered through a more thorough dental regimine. Angled toothbrushes and floss could greatly decrease bacteria and food build up.

In Need of Immediate Relief?

Wisdom tooth pain treatment in Troy NY not only impacts the mouth, but other areas of the face including the ear and jaw region. In between appointments you can try oral remedies for temporary or permanent relief. One remedy involves gargling warm salt water for a few minutes. Another recommends rubbing the sore tooth down in bourbon or whiskey to numb the discomfort. If the pain is caused by an infection, consume an antibacterial herb to reduce inflammation. One of the most common methods of wisdom tooth pain treatment in Troy NY is through extraction. Having the infected tooth pulled completely eliminates the hassles of third molar dental complications. Many opt for this as a one-step resolution. Make sure to find a qualified practitioner to assess your condition first. After you’ve agreed upon a plan of action, be prepared for a period of rest and recovery. Oral extraction is no walk in the park, but it does guarantee a future mouth free of wisdom tooth pain.

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