When Should a Person See the Emergency Dentist in Oak Lawn?

Over the last several years, many dental offices have employed an Emergency Dentist to ensure their patients can be seen when a dental emergency arises. This prevents the patient from having to wait for a dental appointment to come available. Though many people know about these dental services, they may not be aware of when they need to seek them. Through this information, people can know when they need to see the Emergency Dentist in Oak Lawn.

There are a few reasons a person may need to see the Emergency Dentist in Oak Lawn:

Severe toothaches are one of the biggest reasons people see the dentist. When tooth pain strikes, it can be difficult to overcome. Tooth pain can often be a sign of serious problems with tooth health. Cavities, infections, and injuries can all cause pain. Seeing the dentist can bring relief through the treatment of the cause of the pain.

When a person suffers from a tooth injury, they may need emergency dental services. While a small chip to the tooth normally does not need immediate attention, cracks, breaks, and knocked out teeth do. The sooner a person seeks dental care, the better the chances of their tooth being repaired. The dentist may even be able to treat a tooth that has been knocked out so it is not permanently lost.

Tooth infections often cause severe pain and swelling in the gums and jaw. When the infection becomes severe, it can also cause a person to run a fever. Infections need to be treated promptly since they can easily spread to other teeth and the gums. Once the gums become infected, this can lead to heart problems. Infections need to be treated with antibiotics.

These are but a few of the many reasons people seek emergency dental care. For more information on the services provided, visit Oak Lawn Smiles Family Dentistry. Through the extensive dental services offered by the dentist, a person can keep a healthy smile. Call today and schedule an appointment for preventative care appointments. Should a person need an emergency dental visit, this can be provided without an appointment for most situations.


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