Restore Your Smile with Dental Bridges in Elk Grove Village

Somewhere in the general category of cosmetic dentistry, you’re likely to find the procedure known as dental bridges. But as you look for the right treatment to take care of how your smile looks, you might also consider a bridge as one of the most effective ways to give you tooth function again. Dental bridges in Elk Grove Village are referred to as a prosthesis and has the more common name “bridge” because it literally bridges a gap between teeth.

Get a Bridge?

If you’ve lost a tooth or two due to an accident or injury, you might consider dental bridges as a great way to bring back your smile. Have your dental professional use a bridge supported by implants for tooth strength that may be even more reliable than your original teeth. Bridges can be made of a few different materials and can usually be finished to match your natural tooth color.

Bridges of ceramic or porcelain deliver the look of real teeth, though they might have a slightly higher cost than the metal type. But as you think about cost, be sure to keep appearance and durability in mind. To learn more about what might be right for you, contact Schumer Family Dental Care today. With the skill and experience of a dental professional, you can have your beautiful natural smile again as well as eat and go out into the public with complete confidence.

Your Options

Of course, dental bridges in Elk Grove Village are not your only option when you schedule your appointment with an experienced, trusted provider of quality dental services. When you visit to discuss the right procedure or treatment for you, the expert will make an initial evaluation and take all the time needed to talk about changes that you would like to see.

Whatever you decide when working with your dental professional, you can be sure to get a personalized program to maintain and restore your smile. Contact Schumer Family Dental Care today.


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