Root Canal

When we hear Root Canal majority of us wonder what exactly it is. Some of us get worried about the whole process. Others avoid it since it is painful. Root Canal is a procedure that fixes the tissue inside the pulp.

Often you must be complaining about tooth ache. Or explaining about how badly your tooth hurts. This is mainly due to infection in tooth area. Signs like pain while eating, over sensitiveness to the hot or cold drinks, swelling of the face. These signs indicate that you need to undergo a medical treatment that is root canal.
Root Canal starts with removing of the crown of the teeth. The dentist has a look at the soft tissue within. Infected tissue is removed, cleaned than placed back within the tooth. A new crown is attached.

The entire procedure of root canal sounds very simple but involves pain. However the pain that you undergo will definitely save your teeth. Depending on the complication of teeth number of root canal sittings is planned. The final decision whether root canal is necessary is left to the patient.

X-Rays are taken so that exact number of length of root can be determined. Dentist reaches out to each and every root canal that your teeth has. The procedure is time consuming but efforts taken guarantee long lasting teeth. Advance technology helps in numbing your senses that causes less pain.

Root Canal teaches you to prioritize your teeth. The process can actually help in understanding easy and right methods of tooth care. The treatment indirectly gives remedies to save that white shiny teeth.

Things like green tea, healthy food intake; regular flossing that is cleaning out the plaque that sits at the bottom of your teeth should be regularly followed after Root Canal

Root Canal

Root Canal


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